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Documentary Shorts

diverse regisseurs - diverse landen - 2021 - 92 min.

Eénmalige vertoning i.h.k.v. het Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival op maandag 18/04 om 20u00
Een ticket kost slechts 6 euro en omvat een gratis drankje in het Skoop Café.
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This Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival screening session features 6 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Meander (Belgium) by Lander Haverals, Sam Geyskens, Vincent Everaerts
Heavily addicted to medication for several years, Valerie has tried to take her own life again. Caught between a disturbing past and a slightly hopeful future, mother and son meet again. Her son Charly is left with little expectations, but will he dare to forgive and hope for a better future nonetheless?
Running time: 00:15:10.

Shredded (Israel) by Noam Stolerman
An aging bodybuilder is on the path to becoming a champion. Moments before emerging as a finalist, he might face heartache.
Running time: 00:16:30.

Cascade (Belgium) by Bo Verpoten
At a summer camp in green Wallonia, a group of girls gathers. Isolated from their parents and society, there is room to get to know each other and themselves better.
Running time: 00:12:59.

Het gezicht van het gebouw/The face of the flat (Netherlands) by Thieu Kessels
In times of Covid your house becomes the most important place. This film portrays a vertical village on the outskirts of Ghent.
Running time: 00:12:25.

We are not friends (Poland) by Alicja Sokół
Two women joined together by prison time, find comfort in each other. They are inseparable. Every Friday they broadcast on the prison radio. When one of their sentences is coming to an end, they start to question their friendship. They are fully aware that life behind the bars is governed by its laws. Their relationship is doomed to fail, even though for the last few difficult years they could only count on each other.
Running time: 00:17:34.

I Don’t Feel At Home Anywhere Anymore (Belgium) by Viv Li
A wistful but witty account of a trip to Beijing by an art student who has been abroad for ten years. Her stay with her family mercilessly exposes how uprooted she has become by her life abroad.
Running time: 00:15:00.


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