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Khan’s Flesh + shorts

Kristina Savutsina - Duitsland - 2021 - 100 min.

Eénmalige vertoning i.h.k.v. het Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival op dinsdag 19/04 om 20u00
Een ticket kost slechts 6 euro en omvat een gratis drankje in het Skoop Café.
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This Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival screening session features 3 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Don’t Forget to Smile (Portugal) by Cai Ning
Rachel, a 6 years old girl from an immigrant family, carries more expectations than an average child. Language lessons, making music videos, singing, dancing, and practicing the piano are her basic tasks. Her parents have truly invested their lives to make sure Rachel becomes the next big name. But is a life surrounded by adults and spotlights what she wants? This is a portrait of a parent-child relationship, and what it takes to manufacture a child superstar.
Running time: 00:13:45.

At the feet of my mother (Netherlands) by Vincent Sparreboom
Growing up as a parent to your parents, leaves deep marks on the soul. During one family constellation therapy, Lucien is finally coming to terms with his unsafe childhood. Through the intricate expressions on his face, we are taken on an emotional journey as Lucien moves through long-supressed anger, fear and sorrow, finally showing himself to the world.
Running time: 00:27:14.

Khan’s flesh (Germany) by Kristina Savutsina
Krystsina Savutsina subtly details the daily choreographies to which the inhabitants of a Belarusian village devote or subject themselves. Khan‘s Flesh is a contemporary document of life in the Belarusian province, barely a year before the beginning of the nationwide protests against the state apparatus.
Running time: 00:57:30.


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